Chinese Herbs In Western View – Shi Liu Pi (Pericarpium Punicae Granati) Health Benefits and Side Effects

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

Shi Liu Pi is also known as pomegranate peel. The sour, bitter, warm and slightly toxic herb in TCM has chronic diarrhea, chronic dysentery, used with bleeding, get rid of parasites, fungal infection, etc., as it stops the chairs and anal incontinence ptosis, eliminates parasites, etc.. by improving the functions of the large intestine channels.

1. Pelltierine
2. Isoquercetrin
3. inulin
4. mannitol
5. Tanin
6. mallic Help
7. calcium oxalate
8. Etc.

Chinese Herbs In Western View – Tu Si Zi (Semen Cuscutae Chinensis) Health Benefits and Side Effects

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

Tu Si Zi is also known as dodder seed. The biting is sweet and neutral herb has been used in TCM to treat mental disorders, calm the fetus to prevent miscarriages, etc., as it tonifies kidneys, liver and spleen, etc. Yin improved by enhancing the functions of the liver and kidney channels.

1. quercetin-3-O-beta-D-galactoside-7-O-beta-D-glucoside
2. quercetin-3-O-beta-D-apiofuranosyl- (1 -> 2) -beta-D-galactoside
3. hyperosid
4. quercetin
5. kaempferol
6. 2′-hydroxyl asarinin 2′-O-ß-D-glucopyranoside (cuscutoside C, 1)
7. 2′-hydroxyl asarinin 2′-O-ß-D-apiofuranosyl- (1 ? 2) – [ß-D-glucopyranosyl- (1 ? 6)] – ß-D-glucopyranoside (cuscutoside D, 2)
8. Etc.

Health Benefits
1. Ovarian endocrine functions
In the study, the mechanism of flavonoids from Semen Cuscutae (FSC) to improve the ovary to investigate endocrine functions showed that SC accepts the content of beta-EP in hypothalamuses and increases the content of LH in anterior pituitary gland in female rats to psychological stress exposed, which may be the mechanism of FSC improvement hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis (1) be.

4 healthy foods and dietary supplements for immune Great Benefits!

Health Foods

Health Foods

It’s hard to believe, but some cultures have a great health and energy all the time. The native tribes eat different foods and herbs that give you the strength to live active and go for long hours without rest and food.

1. Hoodia. An herb used by the members of the African tribes to hunt for days without food or rest. Hoodia suppresses appetite and fools the brain into believing you are full. This herb is very good because it kept natural energy and health to longer.

2. Garlic is one of the things that should be on all the time. It is caused by many different benefits, including increased blood flow, its antibacterial, antifungal ability to fight arterial plaque, loewring cholesterol and its thermogenic capacity is known, is probably the best herb for everything.

Chinese Herbs In Western View – Shi Jue Ming (Concha Haliotidis) Health Benefits and Side Effects

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

Shi Jue Ming is also known as Haliotis shell. The salty and cold herb has been used in TCM as anti-inflammatory agents, sedative, hypotensive, antibiotic agents and blurred vision, optic atrophy, night blindness, glaucoma, hot flashes, etc. as soothes the liver, checks ascending yang due treating yin deficiency, clears liver heat, improves vision, etc. by enhancing the functions of the liver and lung channels.

Ingredients 1. Serine calcium carbonate 2. 3. 4. choline Conchiolin 5. Gydrochloric acid lycine 6. 7. 8. aspartic acid glutamic acid alanine 9. 10. Etc.

Chinese herbs for eczema. Eastern Medicine Help in the fight against skin complaints

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

The dry itchy red skin is suffering from eczema good and painful wounds too much scratching are also well known in memory. Science has found that eczema is a condition associated with the immune system, and there is no complete cure, so that people around the world have come to treat eczema symptoms in a variety of ways. More recently, the West with Chinese herbs for eczema that has been used for hundreds of years in China and found something interesting experiment found. One study used a “tea” from a variety of different herbs and plants mixed together and taken regularly. Compared to the control group, a placebo instead of the real tea has been found that the Chinese medicine had a scientifically proven success rate, which helped clear her eczema compared to the control group. It was found that treatment cancel meant that the eczema came, however, and was not a long-term cure, but the impressive results against the symptoms of the disease.

An Introduction to Morgellons Disease

An Introduction to Morgellons Disease An Introduction to Morgellons Disease Morgellons is a disease in which the sufferer experiences the sensation of itching or bugs crawling under the skin. It can also sometimes involve lesions on the skin which burn or sting, and sometimes the patient will also notice fibers coming out of the skin. It is a fairly new condition in that it wasn’t named

New ECHR Readings

Here is another selection of recent academic writings on the European Convention of Human Rights. The newest issue of the Human Rights Law Review (vol. 14, no. 3, September 2014) has been published. Its contents include:
* Robert Spano, ‘Universality or Diversity of Human Rights?: Strasbourg in the Age of Subsidiarity’
* Ed Bates, ‘Analysing the Prisoner Voting Saga and the British Challenge to Strasbourg’
* James A. Roffee, ‘No Consensus on Incest? Criminalisation and Compatibility with the European Convention on Human Rights’
Earlier in the month, the EJIL Talk! blog reporter on the Yukos case’s just satisfaction: 
* Dr. Conor McCarthy ‘The ECtHR’s Largest Ever Award for Just Satisfaction Rendered in the Yukos Case’ 
Finally, the newest issue of the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparativ​e Law (vol. 3.2, 2014, pp. 407-443) includes:
* Vladislava Stoyanova, ‘Article 4 of the ECHR and the Obligation of Criminalizing Slavery, Servitude, Forced Labour and Human Trafficking’. This is the article’s abstract: 
This article addresses the interaction between international human rights law and national criminal law as exemplified and revealed in relation to the abuses of slavery, servitude, forced labour and human trafficking (THB). First, I point out the mismatch between the interpretative techniques of international human rights law and national criminal law. The reportedly low numbers of prosecutions and convictions for abuses against migrants has gathered increasing attention. As a reaction it has been suggested that the definitions of THB and of slavery, servitude and forced labour (where the latter have been specifically criminalized) have to be expansively construed. These suggestions ignore basic criminal law precepts. Criminal law has to remain faithful to the principle of legal certainty and to the rights of the accused which ban expansive interpretations. It is human rights law which celebrates liberal interpretations of concepts for the purpose of holding states internationally responsible for their failures to protect. Despite the difference in their interpretative standpoints, there is a clear interaction between these two fields of law. A manifestation of the interaction is that the ECHR obliges states to criminalize the abuses falling within the material scope of Article 4 of the ECHR. I argue that many states have failed to fulfil this obligation since the focus has been predominantly placed on the criminalisation of THB. This leads to failures to address abuses where there are no elements of recruitment, transportation, transfer etc. by means of deception/coercion. I also demonstrate that Article 4 of the ECHR obliges states to incorporate in their domestic criminal laws clear definitions of crimes intended to address the abuses falling within the scope of Article 4. An obligation which many states have failed to fulfil since they have directly copied the international definition of THB and/or the human rights definitions of slavery, servitude and forced labour, without further establishing the elements of the crimes at domestic level. Finally, I suggest that there needs to be a better articulation of the distinctions between different crimes meant to addresses abuses falling within the ambit of Article 4 of the ECHR.

Cancer concerns prompt changes to new football field turf

Kennedy Catholic High School within Burien made a final minute change to the brand new football industry set to open in a few days.The school hasn’t experienced a home game upon its football field within more than 4 decades.It heard about concerns nationwide that crumb rubber found in most artificial turfs, may cause cancer.”We were days away from the infill process, ” added Principal Mike Prato,

Atomic Force Microscopy

Atomic Force Microscopy Atomic Force Microscopy Atomic Force Microscopy, also known as Scanning force microscopy, is a high resolution scanning probe microscopy. It offers optimum level of imaging function with a resolution of fractions of a nanometer, which is over 1000 times more effective than the optical diffraction limit.   Application of Atomic force Microscopy in Ophthalmology or

Understanding Weather Forecasting

Understanding Weather Forecasting Understanding Weather Forecasting The climate of a destination greatly impacts its tourist industry. While travelling, we usually check the seasonal changes of the destination and plan accordingly. However, often, we are caught offguard with sudden, unexpected changes in the weather. For example, if you plan to travel to Leeds for a conference then prepare